About Niroo Parse

Who We Are

Niroo Parse, or Tolid va Tose'e Istgahi Niroo Parse (Parse Power Plant Production and Development Company), was established in August 2011 as a private corporation with the primary objective of undertaking the development and implementation of Distributed Generation power plants

Niroo Parse joined forces with Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) as a long term business partner in Iran. Specifically, Niroo Parse will offer power plant solutions utilizing Hyundai gas-fueled HiMSEN generator set series through an agreement with Hyundai to employ their brand for low-speed applications. A high concentration of business expertise and experience among corporate team members and managers is what distinguishes Niroo Parse and promises success in its business endeavor

In June 2012, the company joined forces with Kharazmi Investment Group and significantly improved its financial position in the market. Niroo Parse is currently active with a capital of 1180 Billion Rials - 40,000,000 USD

Kharazmi Investment Company

Kharazmi Investment Company, the sole shareholder of Niroo Parse, was established in 1997 with an initial capital of 100 Billion Rials (25,000,000 USD in 1997) as a private joint stock company. In 2005, seeking to expand activities and more vigorously enter Iran's capital market arena, Kharazmi changed to a publicly held corporation, and in 2011, introduced its shares in the stock market

Kharazmi Investment Company is listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) and has total capital of IRR 12.5 trillion

Kharazmi with ownership of, or a controlling interest in 11 subsidiary businesses across seven diverse sectors is concentrating in the following areas for investment

  • Banking
  • Energy
  • Information Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Tourism
  • Insurance