Providing consultancy and feasibility studies in technical and financial areas. At Niroo Parse, we assist our clients in every step of the way toward their Distributed Generation Power Plant project: from facilitating various required government licensing procedures to performing project feasibility studies and economic evaluations.

Technical Expertise and Services

Designing, Implementing, building and assembling all elements of power plants including installation, parts and equipment. Niroo Parse also offers a broad range of Engineering, Procurement, & Construction (EPC), as well as Operation & Maintenance services. These include all architectural, structural, electrical, and mechanical design at both general and detailed levels. Design of complete Combined Heat… View Article

Installation and Commissioning

Providing complete EPC systems from design to implementation and commissioning – Engineering design and development – Implementation and installation – Engineering Supervision – Procurement (equipment: internal and external, materials required) – Construction – Commissioning – Testing and inspection – Training & Documentation – Monitoring: Direct, Remote


Providing technical expertise, operational services, repairs and maintenance services with training

After Sales Service and Support

Providing spare parts and technical expertise as well as on-site and off-site training